Click2Heel – Overall Technical Support and SEO

Click2heel dog training screen shot

Click2heel is an established dog training business with in-person and online training. The business is thriving and services are in demand. The business provides three main product/services

1 – Dog training classes – group training sessions including puppy training, heelwork, agility and adolescent dog training.

2 – 1:2:1 training for puppies and dogs with particular training needs such as resource guarding and

3 – Online video courses including puppy training and heelwork – delivered through Click2Heel Online

Project Scope & Methodology

Richard provides support across a whole range of technical support services including WordPress, Dropfunnels, Active Campaign and social media support. The main WordPress website is managed by another company with Richard helping to ensure that the site meets the company’s objectives and managing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Richard also assists other consultants with strategy, planning, operations and new product launches.

Main Technologies

WordPress – main website

DropFunnels – online training website

Active Campaign – CRM/Marketing

Client Website

The client’s main website can be found at Please take a look.

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