Support to publish via Amazon KDP and Lulu - Eco-Sal

Support to publish via Amazon KDP and Lulu – Eco-Sal

Richard helped the author Sally Brown re-publish her ebook and publish a paperback version of her book on Amazon KDP and Lulu. Sally Brown has achieved great success through her Plastic Free Eco-Friendly Shop and intends to publish a series of Sustainable Sal books.

Sally had already published an ebook but it was not selling as well as hoped. The first step of the project was to review the KDP listing and the ebook format and provide a report containing observations and recommendations – these included changes to keywords, reformatting of the ebook for flowable text and other listing enhancements. Advice was also provided on other aspects of publishing including ISBNs, Amazon adverts & affiliate systems.

Sally then commissioned Support From Richard to implement the changes. The first element of the project included researching some new keywords, updating the ebook description and refining these with the client. The second element was to convert the existing ebook into MS Word and update text, links and images to create a flowable ebook. Careful consideration was given to the author’s name, ebook title and how the book worked with Sally’s sucessful online business.

Having successfully published the ebook and received 5-star reviews, Sally commissioned Richard to create a paperback version of the book to publish on Amazon KDP and Lulu. This work involved a rewrite to manage the links and reformat of text and images for paperback publishing. Together they also created a resource page on the client’s website with resource links (as found in the ebook). This allows the readers of the paperback book to enjoy the online resources that Sally created and published in the ebook version.

The book can be found on Amazon – Sustainable Sal – Your Go-To Guide For Greener Living: Tips and Advice For A More Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Lifestyle and on Lulu

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