Top Tip #6 – Five Low-Cost Ways to Boost Your Book Sales on Amazon

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Publishing a book on Amazon is a wonderful achievement. But did you know that there are five low costs ways to boost your book sales on Amazon?

Each requires a little work, but in each case, you will create assets that will boost your sales in the short, medium and longer term. What’s more, there is a positive cumulative in doing them all.

One – create A+ Content for all of your books

Often overlooked by self-publishers is a free way to add more information to your Amazon Listing. A+ allows you to add photos, text and links to other Amazon products. Particularly good for non-fiction books as you can make sure that the reader can see exactly what your book is about and how they may benefit from a purchase. You can also let readers know about other books in the series. Managing it correctly, you can use the same assets in Amazon stores across the globe. As an example take a look at the A+ content I added for my series of Photography Log Books. You will see images, descriptions and a table. It has helped people see that there is more than one version of the book.

Two – publish an Amazon author page

It is difficult to assess how successful creating an author page is – but I am sure for some authors (fiction and non-fiction) helping the reader find out more about you and your books, is going to make a positive impact. Make sure your author page is up to date with the latest information and try not to add too much time-dependent information such as – ‘I wrote my first book a year ago’ instead ‘I wrote my first book in 2019’.

Three – try Amazon adverts

There is a lot written about Amazon adverts and quite a lot about how they do not work. My experience is overall a positive one and they do help you boost your book sales on Amazon. Here are my three suggestions for making Amazon Adverts work.

  1. Make sure that you manage your budget. Keep it low and keep your adverts focused. Whether you are using auto adverts, products or keywords, spend some time thinking about what readers will be looking for and want. Don’t get carried away with daily budgets and thinking that it is only a pound or two – when you get the monthly bill you may be surprised.
  2. Make timely adjustments. Review every few days or every week and see how things are going. If adverts are not working after a few weeks and costing you a lot then turn them off. Equally, if they are doing well – then turn them up, a little at a time.
  3. Look at total sales. When books are promoted with Amazon Adverts, I think that it is best to look at total sales over a period of time. Not everyone buys as soon as they click on the sponsored add – they may come back a week later. So watch your total sales and see how they change over a month. You may also like to look at sales through other publishers to if you are using them. For example, if you have published a book via Lulu with the same ISBN, you may find that your book is sold via another retailer – e.g. World of Books. Please take a look at Top Tip #4 Monitor Your Amazon KDP Sales, Keywords And More With Datahawk – to help you understand better your Amazon sales.

Four – Utilise the Amazon book promotion schemes

You can also promote your ebook by reducing the costs and nominating it to be included in Amazon Kindle Deals and Prime Reading promotions. Click ‘Marketing’ from your ‘KDP Bookshelf’

Five – Create an author website to promote your books

A simple website will help you promote your books are provide a great vehicle to grow a fan base, link social media accounts, try out some ideas and of course sell more books. You can make a further turn by using the Amazon Affiliate program and even sell your books via your website and fulfil them through Amazon. This would allow you to offer some promotions such as ‘buy two of a series and receive a discount. A WordPress website offers you endless opportunities and won’t cost you the earth. Check out our WordPress Website Creation And Hosting Solutions

So I hope you enjoy these Five Low-Cost Ways to Boost Your Book Sales on Amazon. Let me know how you get on and if you need help just ask……

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