Top Tip #1 – Use the new Amazon KDP Reports

Top Tip #1 KDP reporting

If you sell books on Amazon KDP there is an enhanced reporting dashboard that is a little hidden. It provides more information than the standard reports and it is a lot easier to use and view.

Once logged in to KDP you will probably find yourself on the Bookshelf page. Tap on Reports and then look for

“NEW! Try the new KDP Reports beta. Try it out and tell us what you think.”

I like the Royalties Estimator page – it provides some great information. No doubt at some time in the future the report will move out of Beta testing.

Hope that you enjoy…

Video – how to find the new Amazon KDP Reports

2 thoughts on “Top Tip #1 – Use the new Amazon KDP Reports

  1. Really good article. Quick question, do you think self-publishing will still be profitable in 2022?

    1. Yes, I do…. but not for everyone of course. I guess profitable just means that there is more money coming in than going out…. So if you keep your self-publishing costs low then most people will be able to make a profit. With good self-publishing techniques and of course good content then it is also possible to make a worthwhile sum of money. You have to work at it and make sure you have the right supporting materials and adverts

      It’s also a good idea to try things out and measure what works. For example, try Amazon Adverts and see how total book sales rise- not just direct sales through Amazon Adverts. If you sell more books more people will find your books….. write reviews etc.

      Good luck with your projects.

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