Top Tip #4 Monitor your Amazon KDP sales, Keywords and more with Datahawk

DataHawk - business management software to fuel your growth on Amazon

Datahawk is a good way to understand your Amazon sales better – there is even a free version.

Take a look at the great features

  • Track daily changes in the metrics and listing data of any product including on price, ratings, Amazon Buy Box, and text and media assets.
  • Monitor daily changes in the Amazon Sales Rank or Best Sellers Rank of any product across multiple categories.
  • Receive daily email alerts upon changes on tracked products data based on advanced custom triggers, and visualize it in reports.

There are a lot more features to help you get information about the books you are selling. The important thing with any analytics is to use it to make decisions. Try a few changes and watch to see how sales change.

To try Datahawk pop along to their website to read more about this great tool. You may also like to visit our Directory and see further tools to help you improve your KDP sales.

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