Example WordPress Website Creation and Hosting Solutions

WordPress Website Creation and Hosting Solutions

Richard will create a WordPress website for you. Understanding WordPress Website Creation needs will ensure that site will meet your short, medium, and long-term plans. A key element of the project will be to structure the website and ensure that categories and tags are used consistently. (When new content is added it will appear in the right part of the website. )

  1. Buy domain
  2. Create hosting package
  3. Install domain
  4. Create emails for new domain – anything@domain.com
  5. Install WordPress to new domain
  6. Add WordPress template (e.g. Sydney free version)
  7. Install basic free performance plugins to allow basic features including: – Yoast or RankMath SEO, re-direct, cache, speed monitor, plugin rollback, etc.
  8. Create WordPress admin login for client
  9. Install basic free enhancement plugins including: – social sharing, social comments, GDPR cookie consent & policy
  10. Duplicate content from existing website (WordPress.com or WordPress.org)
  11. Update WordPress template including colours and menus.
  12. Check website health and performance
  13. Add website Favicon
  14. Review WordPress post categories and tags.
  15. Add website to Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  16. Create a handover documents iwth structure, plugin descriptions, etc
  17. Create Password handover document.
  18. Close out creation phase of project with client

Additional Serivces

  1. Migrate your website from your old host/website to your new host including WordPress.com sites
  2. Add new features such as a Directory, Events Calendar and Shop
  3. Provide monthly managed service for WordPress websites –  update core software and plugins, check Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and site performance advise on improvements, etc.
  4. Install advertising feature including Google AdSense
  5. Advice on affiliate adverts and policies

What next?

Well, the best thing is to make contact with Richard with a little information about the project you have in mind. Richard is always available to help with a project and offered some advice – all for free of course.

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