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Richard wordpress maintenance solution

Richard offers a WordPress maintenance solution that will help you keep your WordPress website in Tip Top condition. Keeping the software and plugins up to date has two main three primary advantages – first, it prevents errors and the site crashing with errors and the resulting loss of visitors, second, it removes any vulnerabilities through outdated code, third, it will ensure that your website performance is not impaired maintaining page loading speeds (to the delight of your users and improving your search rankings)

You can of course, switch all plugins and software to auto-update. However, automatic updates can cause issues and there is often a need to carry out some manual updates such as running database updates and reconfiguring some elements of the website.

The service is provided on a monthly basis with no upfront costs or minimum commitments. You will be invoiced monthly and you can cancel at any time.

Solution Services

Richard will:

  • Monitor website and add/update plugins and website software as required. The website will be manually checked most days of the week and automatically checked every day with alerts created should there be an issue (and corresponding fix)
  • Identify and fix any software and plugin conflicts
  • Optimise the WordPress Database removing old post revisions, etc.
  • Remove/delete Spam comments
  • Add SEO information to new posts and pages and submit new posts to Google and Bing
  • Advise and improve website layout, etc. Including menus, tags, categories, etc.
  • Add the website to Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Bing Search console. He will also add new poststo te search console if appropriate.
  • Implement small projects and additional features
  • Answer your questions about website performance etc. and help you add content. Richard is usually avialable 7 days a week to answer all your questions. Richard is available by email, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and via this website.
  • Create a monthly report/update with insights and recommended actions
  • Bill on a monthly basis following delivery of the monthly report.

Additional services if requested

  1. Add and update SEO information for the entire website and produce a monthly SEO keyword report – from £3 per month
  2. Create hosting account and install WordPress, template and appropriate (free) plugins – from £4.80 per month
  3. Secure domain name and change nameservers, etc for website location
  4. Create email addresses for domain name
  5. Advise and implement new plugins such as a newsletter, directory, events calendar and ecommerce. Richard may undertake some of this work as part of the monthly maintenance.


Richard uses simple monitoring software to see what plugins need to be updated and will visit your site regularly to make sure that all works correctly and optimised. He will keep in contact and advise you on ways to improve the website from new features to SEO improvements.

If you need to know more or the service you require is not mentioned above, please get in contact.

WordPress Maintenance Solution Examples

ADHD and Me – new WordPress website

ADHD and Me – new WordPress website

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Learner 2 Earner – optimise processes, update website, promote

Learner 2 Earner – optimise processes, update website, promote

The Learner 2 Earner website was created using Divi and a membership plugin. The site had been live for several months but had not received the visitor registration that the client hoped for. The business helps people become delivery riders…

MG Car Club Lincolnshire Centre – New WordPress Website

MG Car Club Lincolnshire Centre – New WordPress Website

The MG Car Club Lincolnshire Centre wanted a new website to replace a legacy website built with Microsoft FrontPage. The old site had many of the features that they wanted for the new site but in a design that was…

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